Commercial portable appliance testing (PAT) in Preston.

There is a legal obligation for companies across the UK to protect the health and safety of employees. PAT testing, or Portable Appliance Testing is a key part of this.

PAT testing involves visual and electronic testing and examination, for electrical appliances. This can help to confirm that the equipment is in safe working order, and is fully operational. Each appliance needs to fulfill the legal requirements and obligations to maintain a high standard of safety. 

PAT testing guidelines require landlords, employers and even self employed individuals to make sure that all portable electrical appliances are suitable for the workplace, and are fully safe. But, as with all electrical items, damage and wear and tear can occur over time. This is why regular PAT testing is essential, as even the smallest amount of damage can cause a large electrical fire.

These guidelines were implemented to help ensure that all companies meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, Electricity at Work Regulations of 1989, Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations of 1998 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations of 1999.

Who Can Conduct a PAT Test?

A PAT test by law can only be implemented by a competent person. In the IEE Code of Practice, this pertains to an individual with:

  • An adequate knowledge of electricity;
  • Sufficient experience of electrical work;
  • An adequate understanding of the appliance that needs testing and practical experience of that class of appliance;
  • An understanding of any hazards that could arise during the work and the precautions that should be taken;
  • And the ability to recognize whether it’s safe to continue the work.

PAT testers will generally have the relevant and recongised training that is necessary for such a role. This is often in the form of formal accreditation. 

Choose Powerhouse for professional PAT testing

Here at Powerhouse all of our electricians are qualified and have the necessary training to implement PAT testing to the highest standard, and help your company or business stay safe. 

To ensure this safety, our team will visually inspect the electrical appliances, including any leads, cables and plugs. We are looking for any noticeable damage or incorrectly marked or wired components. For Class 1 appliances, we will also conduct some electrical tests. This involves injecting test signals into the cable and appliance to test its safety.

Upon completion of the PAT testing, you will be given written details in the form of a report. This records all of the appliances that were tested, and notes whether they have passed or failed the test, with an explanation. A pass or fail label will also be provided for the necessary appliances, displaying the test date and the date the following test is due, as well as the signature of the inspector. 

We are happy to provide assistance with details of the report, and to take on any remedial work that is required. All of our work will be quoted up front, with no hidden surprises at the end. 

For more information or advice about PAT testing for your business, get in touch with the UK’s leading experts, here at Powerhouse.

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