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Most common domestic electrical issues

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From domestic properties to commercial businesses, we provide a wide range of high quality electrical solutions and installations. This includes finding solutions to the most common domestic electrical issues. But what are these? And how can these issues be resolved?

What are the most common domestic electrical issues?

There are a number of common domestic electrical issues that can plague homeowners and landlords alike. But what causes these electrical issues and how can these be resolved? Well, these electrical issues include:

  • Frequent power outages
  • Flickering lights
  • Arcing sockets

Causes and solutions of frequent power outages

Power outages in the home that are not the cause of a general power cut are usually caused by tripped fuses. These occur when an appliance is plugged into the socket, which then triggers the fuse to react to an anomaly and shut off. This can easily be rectified by unplugging the offending appliance and switching the fuse back on. However, regular power outages that do not have an obvious cause could be a result of a fault or issue with the circuitry or the fuse board itself. Faulty circuit breakers can cause frequent power outages by responding to normal electrical loads in the same way they would respond to a surge or anomaly, causing electrical shut-downs.

For frequent power outages you will need to contact a professional and qualified electrician to first diagnose the issue, and then resolve it.

Causes and solutions of flickering lights

Lights in your home that flicker continuously, after the initial warm up period, are not only irritating, but they could indicate a bigger more complicated electrical issue. This could be caused by a range of factors, including:

  • The wrong bulb- the wrong type of bulb or a bulb with the wrong power rating could be the cause of your flickering lights.
  • Faulty electrical connections- electrical connections can be loose or can become overheated due to frequent heavy use. This is not only one of the most common causes of flickering lights, but this is also a serious fire risk. These faults can occur at any point within your circuitry, including within the control unit.
  • Fluctuating voltage- if the voltage in your home is fluctuating, for example when a heavy appliance is in use, this will cause your lights to flicker due to intermittent power.

If flickering lights are a problem in your domestic property, and the light bulbs are not causing the issue, you should consider hiring a professional electrician to ensure that your property is fully safe and fire safe, as well as to resolve the flickering lights themselves.

Causes and solutions of arcing sockets

An arcing socket is one that may be making an unusual buzzing or humming noise, or emitting an unusual smell. This noise and smell is caused by small sparks of electricity behind the socket cover that are trapped, yet free from the electrical wires. This can be a fire risk, and is most often caused by loose connections and loose wires. A professional electrical team will be able to identify and resolve this issue quickly and efficiently.

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