Commercial lighting electricians in Preston.

The right quality and quantity of light can make a dramatic difference to your company or business. For customer facing businesses, the right light can help increase the aesthetic appeal of your products, while for private working environments, the right lighting can boost productivity. Effective lighting solutions can also help to cut energy costs too. 

Here at Powerhouse, we can provide a wide variety of lighting solutions, from retrofit LED lighting, to full new lighting installations in new build properties. And we can even help to ensure that these are the most efficient solutions, helping to save money too.

Recessed Lighting

Add style and sophisticated design with recessed lighting. This is the perfect solution to illuminating displays, architecture and even artwork, and is a very effective option in high end client focused businesses, as well as hotels and residential properties. We can install recessed lighting in a range of spaces, including entry ways, sloped ceilings and flat ceilings, here at Powerhouse. There are several options available for recessed lighting, including:

Halogen – This is a popular lighting option for homes and businesses as halogen lighting offers a warm, natural light level. These are cheapest lighting options available. 

Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) – These are often used for office spaces and commercial properties as they have reduced glare and an increased efficiency. In fact, these bulbs can generally last up to 10,000 hours! This means they are more cost effective than halogen lights. 

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) – LED lights are the most energy efficient lighting option available. They typically use 50-90% less energy than halogen lights and CFLs, so for businesses, these could cut energy costs significantly. However, these do have a higher initial cost.

Office and Emergency Lighting

Here at Powerhouse, we can offer complete lighting solutions for businesses, from a simple bulb replacement to full design and installation. 

So whether you need a lower level of light for office spaces with many computers, or you need low voltage display case lighting, we can provide the solution you need. We can provide advice on codes of practice, and we will be sure to complete any work at a time that suits you.

Our professional team of qualified electrical specialists have the training and experience to install and maintain emergency lighting systems, and meet all of the legal requirements and British Standards. 

We will also ensure that your existing installations will comply with any changes to the legal requirements, and keep paperwork and detailed records of these. We will also arrange for regular inspections to be implemented.

Landscape and Security Lighting

Landscape and security lighting is an essential consideration for a wide range of commercial properties. Not only can this deter crime and theft, but it can also help your property feel more welcoming, helping to draw in more customers or clients. Here at Powerhouse, we can install a range of outdoor or security lighting for your property, including floodlights and car park lighting, motion activated lighting, and occupancy sensors. And we can even design outdoor lighting systems that will be energy efficient, and tailored to the requirements of your business.  

Warehouse Lighting

In any warehouse, the lighting is a key consideration. Here at Powerhouse, we not only provide the most up to date advice regarding lighting solutions and energy efficiency, but can even provide detailed designs, and then install the right lighting for your warehouse. This can have an important role in reducing energy costs, and increasing productivity. 

Whatever your commercial lighting requirements, why not get in touch with the team of experts today, here at Powerhouse. 

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