Smart home automation in Preston.

From the way we consume news, to the way we control the heating and lights, smart home developments have transformed the way we manage simple daily tasks. From smart doorbells, to washing machines, the technology available is improving, and broadening year on year. And while it might have seemed unthinkable just 10 years ago, smart home features are now considered normal. Here at Powerhouse, we have the skills and expertise to advise, and then deliver, effective smart home installations and solutions. 

Smart Home Installation 

Here at Powerhouse, we can install a full range of smart home and automation equipment, so that you are set up and ready to go. This can include:

Smart thermostats – a smart thermostat is one that can connect to your smart phone, or it can be controlled through the stylish visual display. This can allow you to set schedules and routines, and heat up the home ready for you to walk in after work. 

Smart smoke detectors – smart smoke detectors can also detect carbon monoxide and will protect your home from gases as well as fires. With app features for smartphones, these can be easy to control.

Smart doorbells – there are a wide range of smart doorbells and security devices that can help protect your property. These tend to film anyone approaching your home, and can even allow you to talk to the person on the other side of the door. 

Smart security cameras – security cameras inside and outside the home are becoming more common than ever before. And with a smart security system, you can monitor this from your smart phone, even when you are at work on holiday. 

Here at Powerhouse, we can install a range of smart devices and home automation products to help you stay safe, and up to date. 

What is LightwaveRF

LightwaveRF can help UK homeowners remotely manage domestic utilities, and save on energy costs! So whether you want to control your central heating, switch on the washing machine, or turn off the external lighting, you can! LightwaveRF has you covered.

Here at Powerhouse, we can provide professional advice, and installation, to make sure that you have the best experience with your new smart home products. 

For more information or advice about your smart home devices, or for professional installation, get in touch with the team today, here at Powerhouse. 

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