Commercial Standby Generators & UPS in Preston.

Losing power can have a detrimental impact on your company or business. This is especially true for those that are dependent on regular use of computers, and process or send large amounts of data on a regular basis. Any disruption to power in these instances could cause widespread data corruption, a lot of company downtime, and lost productivity. For other sectors, hospitals and airports, for example, a loss of power can be fatal. As a result, emergency power supply, or back up power supply is an important consideration. 

For emergency power supply, there are two different options available depending on the size of your property, and the budget. These options include an uninterruptible power supply, and a standby generator. Here at Powerhouse, we have the skills and expertise to install both of these systems.

Standby Generators

Standby generators for commercial properties are also known as backup power generators. These function automatically and have the ability to quickly restore electricity within just seconds of power loss. Then, once the power has returned, the electrical load is passed safely back to the utility with an automatic transfer switch. This signals the standby generator to then turn off again, until it is next needed. 

For businesses and companies, there are two different choices: traditional standby generators and portable generators. Portable generators are often cheaper than the traditional ones, but for many companies, a traditional standby generator can be the better option, because of a number of advantages, including:

A Constant Supply of Power 

Standby generators can ensure a constant power supply because these usually stay connected to the company circuitry through the main distribution board. This means that they power up automatically with a transfer switch as soon as power is lost. In contrast,  a portable generator might need to be taken out of storage and fueled before being connected to the circuitry, and in the mean time, you could have lost data, and the best part of your working day.


A standby generator tends to activate within 10-30 seconds, and this is much less likely to cause any disruption. Adding a USB battery accessory to a standby generator can also help to ensure that the power will stay on during the transition. This is vital for preserving data and keeping your business up and running.

Power The Whole Business

Many businesses use many different electrical appliances that can take a lot of power. From air conditioning to data centres, power supply is often essential. A standby generator can provide power to every appliance, in every room, no matter how many. And they also work in all weather conditions too.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

UPS systems also provide backup power to businesses if there is a power cut or power supply issue. However, these run on a battery, and this means that they generally do not last as long as a standby generator. Despite this, there are still many benefits of a UPS system for businesses, including:

Saving Costs

For smaller companies with a smaller budget, a UPS system can be the perfect solution. These can be thousands of pounds cheaper than a heavy duty standby generator, and they do not require any maintenance. 

Continuous Power Supply

UPS systems provide continuous power to businesses and companies. This means you will have enough time to save any data or information on hard drives or computers, and shut down any business essentials, before power is lost. As a result, you won’t need to worry about corrupted data.

Protection from Power Surges

A power surge can completely destroy a company’s electrical devices and appliances, even though they only last for a fraction of a second. A UPS generator has a the ability to monitor voltage, and switch to AC power as soon as it senses a surge, protecting your equipment from damage.

If you’re interested in having a standby generator or UPS installed at your commercial premises, get in touch with the team today, here at Powerhouse.

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