Electric vehicle ev charger installation in Preston.

Do you need an EV charger installed at home? Electric vehicles (EV’s) are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people become conscious of the environmental impact of driving, and the electric vehicle technology continues to rapidly improve. This includes being able to install a charge point at home. Here at Powerhouse, we can install a charging point in your home, so that you can charge your EV while you sleep or rest, and always have enough to power to get to wherever you need to be in the morning. But what are the advantages of choosing an electric car, and a home charging point?

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ev charger installation

EV’s and rapid technology improvements.

EVs have come a long way from the milk cart. New technology is constantly pushing the boundaries of design and performance, and for electric vehicles, this means the best possible deals for consumers. New electric vehicle releases have impressive and stylish designs, alongside improved performance, increased features and affordable prices.

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EV’s can protect the environment.

Electric vehicles have a number of impressive environmental credentials. Not only do these not emit the harmful pollutants that are contributing to global warming, but if you choose a green energy supplier, you could also power your vehicle on completely renewable energy! Compared to petrol and diesel vehicles, this is a huge improvement.

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Cheaper than traditional vehicles.

Many people aren’t aware that electric vehicles are completely exempt from road tax. This means that you can have an annual saving, straight off the bat. In addition, depending on your electricity tariff, it can cost as little as 96p to fully charge an electric vehicle. On average, that one charge will transport you 100 miles! Electric vehicles are often more reliable than traditional ones too. Petrol and diesel engines have hundreds of moving parts, and these can need replacing and repairing. In contrast, an electric motor has less than 20! This can save you money in car repairs and time spent in garages. 

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Government support for charging stations.

Because of the numerous benefits of electric vehicles, including the reduction in carbon, the government are supporting the installation of charging points at home. For home owners, the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme provides up to 75% of the installation cost (up to a total of £500) for charging points at home! That is a huge saving that can make it easier for you to switch to an electric vehicle, without having to worry about where to charge.

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Professional support from Powerhouse

Here at Powerhouse, we are an OLEV-approved installer. This means that we can apply for government grants on behalf of domestic customers to reduce the cost of installing electric vehicle charging points at your home, helping you save money.

Our comprehensive service includes: A free site survey, design, supply, installation, registration, monitoring, billing, smart control, maintenance and future expansion. Making the switch to an electric vehicle has never been easier. For a charging point installation in your property, get in touch with team today, here at Powerhouse. 

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