Commercial safety & security in Preston.

Here at Powerhouse we can provide a range of security solutions, tailored to meet the requirements of your business or company. From improving the security of your existing property, to a new installation in a new build, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the best possible results. 

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is an essential part of any commercial building, as well as some domestic properties too. This is designed to illuminate the safest route out of a building, or to provide lighting, in the event of an emergency, including a fire or terrorist threat. As a result, emergency lighting needs to be professionally installed, and then regularly tested and maintained to ensure that the system is fully working, whenever you might need to use the lights. Here at Powerhouse, we offer emergency lighting installation, repair and maintenance, with emergency light testing a simple part of our routine inspections.

A simple flick test is something that can be carried out regularly, to make sure your emergency lights are functioning. All you need to do is momentarily switch off the main lights. At this point, the emergency lighting should be immediately activated. 

There are two different categories of emergency lighting, and these include:

Emergency escape lighting  this is lighting that is designed to illuminate the escape route from a building in the event of an emergency situation. 

Standby lighting – this is lighting that can be triggered in the event of power loss, when there is no risk to the people inside. This allows the continuation of normal functioning within the building. 

Other fire safety systems should also be checked out regularly, as these need to work with the emergency lighting to keep everyone in your building safe and secure. Here at Powerhouse, we can check both systems at the same time.

Outdoor Security Lighting

Security lighting around the exterior premises of your building is a great option for deterring crime. Theft is often a major problem and concern for businesses, but security lighting can be a solution that really works. Here at Powerhouse, we can provide a a lighting solution that will work for the size, shape and scale of your premises, that is specifically designed to protect your employees and customers or clients, as well the building itself. We can provide everything from flood lights, to car park lighting, as well as motion sensitive lighting and alarms. 

Surge Protection

Power surges can cause extensive damage for companies and businesses, especially to electrical equipment. Power surge protection is an important consideration, otherwise the productivity of your business could take a significant knock due to electrical equipment failure. This can also cause electrical hazards too.

What causes power surges?

Power surges are caused by a range of issues including lightening, faulty wiring and fallen power lines. 

What is at risk?

During a power surge, any item with a micro-processor is at risk of damage. From computers to air conditioners, a wide range of electrical equipment can be negatively effected. 

How can you protect your business against surges?

Surge protection is one of the best ways to protect against power surges, and prevent data loss, damage, and electrical hazards.  A surge protector is a simple device that can limit the voltage supplied to an electrical appliance by shorting to ground or blocking any voltage that exceeds a safe threshold.

For more information about how we can help keep your company and property safe and secure, get in touch with the team today, here at Powerhouse.

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